About Us

Popolok Design, is a small independent printable PDF sewing pattern line for children's clothing. The goals are to offer unique trendy kids fashion and also to provide comprehensive tutorials on how to make them, targeting on sewing hobbyist in any level. 

The line is designed, sewn, created, photographed and compiled by Alviana and her little daughter, Bella as the main star. Alviana have been sewing since her teen years and have been known from her sewing blog at 'Sewn by Alviana'. She was graduated as a Mathematician, currently have a full-time job as a forest researcher and based at Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo. Combining Alviana's passion in sewing and design, the little venture are truly inspired and dedicated to her Bella. 

“Popolok” means a little bird in Kadazan language, which is a cute nickname given to baby Bella. When she was a newborn, she’d always open her mouth widely, eager to latch, every time mummy was nearby. Hence, the nickname.