Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDF? 
PDF (Portable Document Format) is the electronic file format used as our digital products, the printable sewing pattern and tutorial e-book. The files can be viewed by any PDF viewer software, such as Adobe Reader, which is available for free download from this site

What is sewing pattern?
Sewing pattern is a full-size paper template that guide you in cutting out parts of garment on fabrics before sewing/assembling them. With sewing patterns, you can save a lot of times in sewing rather than start to draft the block/template from scratch.

How to use the PDF sewing pattern?
Firstly, you need to print the sewing pattern from your PDF viewer software. The size of paper recommended is in A4 or Letter size, compatible with any home/office printer. Page Scaling setting to 'None' is very important as you want the pattern to be precise in full size. A 1” x 1” Test Square will be given to check if the scaling is correct. The sewing pattern is divided by tiles. Arrange and assemble the tiles together with adhesive following the markers (A1 to A1, A2 to A2, etc). After assembling, you will have a large pattern sheet that can be readily used to cut your fabrics. The PDF pattern can be reprint and use as much as you want. 

Are seam allowances included in the pattern?
Yes, it's included. The seam allowances is 1.5 cm (⅝”) unless otherwise stated.

What can I expect from the tutorial e-book?
In the PDF tutorial, you will be given a comprehensive sewing instruction on making the garment. Complete series of step-by-step color photos will guide you visually. More additional information will also be given including sizing & measurement, cutting layout and amount of materials needed.

Is your patterns been tested? Are they any user reviews on your patterns?
Our patterns have been tested with plenty of sewist in various levels (beginner to advanced) before been released. You may read their reviews and view their photos from our Facebook album. You may also read some other reviews from our and pages.

Where can i buy the patterns?
Visit this link to view all our online shops & retail partners.

How can I keep informed with the latest update and news from Popolok Design?
You may 'Like' our Facebook page to follow any latest updates from us. We will regularly posting about new release pattern, giveaways, tester calling and etc. 

Do you offer paper sewing pattern?
So far, we just a small home-based business and couldn't afford to offer paper patterns. 

Can we sell the finished garment made from your patterns?
Yes. Garments made from our patterns may be sell in limited quantities by home sewists, just by giving a line of credit to us ("Design and Pattern by Popolok Design"). However, you are not allowed to use any of our photos on your sites without our approval. 

Can I order the finished garment from you?
Unfortunately, no. Due to time constraint, we are not able to accept any custom orders. But we have plenty of business friends that are offering custom order garments made from our patterns. Contact us for more detail.